About Us

The origin of J-Z Team was Jia Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. that established in Taiwan since 2000. J-Z Team experienced in manufacturing of industrial fabrics for footwear, garment, equipment and travel goods in past twelve years. J-Z Team is able to offer great flexibility in developing projects with special efforts by customer demand. J-Z Team determined to develop functional materials, to equip your products well, and for your better future.

Functional materials. Friendly products.
For your better future…

“J-Z Team” always makes sense.

Sustainable Development

~Development which satisfies the current needs of society without compromising the needs of future generations~ as UNCSD, Rio+20.


Exploring the research of equipment and technology makes the better products for our customers.


Strict controlling program is the main key to Implements the best quality on our products for our customers.


Providing omni-directional and various services is to create more perfect service for our customers.

JIA-ZHAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD treats every customer’s needs as the most important sign for us to follow. We would show our sincere-ness to take good care of every case to communicate with our customers. Meanwhile, we would 100 percent to corporate and do the best as we could to develop a new technical and improvement on the products for our customers. The production of Jia-Zhan stands with a competitive price and an excellent quality so it has brought us to have a highly reparation among peers.

High quality and perfect satisfaction is guaranteed to all industrials as an ideal management of our company. Thus, our team has obtained the admiring and trust by industries in the business field; Jia-Zhan would assist following our managing philosophy and achieve the highest valuable products for our customers.